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October 23, 2018

Check Out My Latest Feature for Internet Retailer Magazine

Data is Digital Gold. That Makes it a Top Priority for Fraudsters. What are fraudsters looking for in the digital age? Is it Cash? Card numbers? Maybe, but more often than not, data is the real treasure fraudsters are hunting for, as I explained in a new feature in Internet Retailer magazine. Thanks to author April Berthene (@AprilBertheneIR) for inviting …

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August 30, 2018

Monica’s Latest Interview for Female Insight Zone Podcast

Female Insight Zone Podcast

My Business Journey & Philosophy to Promote Women in Tech I had the opportunity to join Dr. Maribeth Kuzmeski as a guest this week on her fantastic podcast, The Female Insight Zone. We had a fantastic conversation! I was able to talk about my journey as an entrepreneur, as well as my business expertise. The most important point we touched …

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