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September 20, 2017

Machine Learning: The Future of Fraud Prevention?

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is Just One Part of the Solution You could say that fraud and eCommerce security have a very roundabout, symbiotic relationship. As security tools and strategies improve, so do the schemes fraudsters employ to get around those roadblocks. In turn, these new threat sources create the need for new, more intelligent, and more dynamic responses. Unfortunately, this also …

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August 16, 2017

Going Cashless: Can it Really Happen?

Exploring if—and When—We Might See the World’s First Cashless Economy Once seen as very improbable, the real possibility of the first “cashless society” is a hot discussion topic these days. Many speculate that the first economy to go completely digital will be India. Surprising, considering just 2% of all transactions in the country were non-cash less than five years ago. …

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July 7, 2017

Account Takeover Fraud: The Latest Threat for eCommerce Merchants

Account Takeover

Exploring One of the Fastest-Growing Online Fraud Threats Account takeover fraud, or ATF, is exactly what it sounds like: a fraudulent action involving the unauthorized use of a legitimate customer account, usually by phone or internet. In this situation, the word “takeover” doesn’t mean removing the account owner from the picture; in fact, quite the opposite. Having that legitimate customer …

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